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Department of Health Psychology (DPS) at the University of Alicante (UA) was established on May 8 1987 . The Governing Board of the African Union, meeting in regular session, adopted on that date both the creation of the same as its Internal Regulations, according to the then current University Reform Law and the Statute of the University of Alicante.

The Department of Health Psychology was attached, since its inception in May 1987 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Alicante, a center in which some teachers came lecturing and conducting research since 1982. In 1997, as a result of segregation of the Faculty of Medicine at the UA to the University Miguel Hernández de Elche (UMH), a number of DPS teachers wanted to stay in the same department at the University of Alicante. The necessary change in the situation required that some of the areas of knowledge remain in the DPS (Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment, Basic Psychology; Nursing) and new areas were incorporated into the new architecture department (Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education). As of September 17, 1997, the Department of Health Psychology applied for membership of the then College of Teacher Education, in order to be able to shape, then the Faculty of Education of the AU. The Governing Board unanimously approved the AU, dated October 21, 1997, the attachment of the E. DPS U. Teacher Training. Subsequently, Decree 153/1999 of 17 September of the Valencian Government (DOGV of September 29, 1999) authorized the AU to the creation of the Faculty of Education, absorbing new to the U.S. Department of Primary Education Teachers. The DPS remained attached to the Faculty of Education since the day of establishment of this center.

Dated November 29, 2012, is approved in governing the change of affiliation of the Department of Health Psychology, the Faculty of education at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

At present, the Department of Health Psychology is responsible for developing, organizing and coordinating teaching and research tasks in the proper scope of the knowledge areas that are: Nursing Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education, Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatments , and Basic Psychology . Both in the field of education as in research, the DPS was characterized by a plural perspective and multidisciplinary approach to teaching and research in those subjects' own fields of knowledge that constitute it. DPS also has a special feeling for the continuous training of its member companies and the creation of a working atmosphere and good staff.

In the field researcher, the department has several research groups throughout history have been contributing to the gestation of lines, projects and research results (see, for more details section).

The Department of Health Psychology is located in the Social Sciences Building of the AU.

Presentation prepared by Abilio Reig-Ferrer ( ).

Department of Health Psychology

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